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PRK Financing

PRK Financing

PRK is slightly lower in cost than LASIK even though it is more time intensive for you and the surgeon. It is lower in cost primarily due to the fact that there is no flap that needs to created and there is no laser making flap technology that needs to be used. It is our goal at the Orange County LASIK and PRK Institute to make custom PRK affordable for you. We will never compromise the technology that we use so you can rest assured that you are getting the best custom PRK or LASIK technology. 

What is Covered?

Your preoperative and postoperative care are all included in the cost of your Orange County PRK or LASIK procedure. The only payment you are responsible for is the PRK or LASIK surgery itself. All preoperative testing, evaluation, examination, and measurements are included. PRK has a longer postoperative recovery period and you will have more post operative appointments that will be covered as well. In addition, your postoperative care including any potential touch up or enhancement operations for one year are covered. Your postoperative exams are covered for up to 24 months after your PRK and LASIK procedure. Typically, our patients return for the their one day, one week, one month, three month, six month, and yearly eye examinations after their PRK and LASIK procedure.

PRK and LASIK Payment Options:

PRK and LASIK is Potentially Tax Deductible

PRK and LASIK at the Orange County  LASIK Center can be a tax deductible option! Please ask our PRK  counselors and your tax preparer how the cost of PRK can be deducted.

FINANCING - Advanced Custom and Bladeless PRK or LASIK for a coffee a day

  • Low and Affordable payments as low as $25 an eye a month.
  • Over 97% of our patients at the Irvine and Orange County PRK Institute qualify for financing.
  • Both Care Credit and Chase Healthcare financing options.
  • Expanded length of payments to up to 60 months to expand every budget.
  • Special financing offers with up to 18 months of 0% financing.

PRK and LASIK Pays for Itself

Many studies state that the costs of contacts and glasses can well exceed $10,000 for a ten year period. This is not counting the time and energy spend to get glasses and contacts. Although PRK and LASIK is more of an upfront investment in your vision, it will save you money in the long run.

Insurance Plans

Some insurance plans such as VSP or Avesis may pay for a portion of your PRK and LASIK procedure. However, many insurance plans do not cover the procedure in its entirety due to the elective nature of PRK and LASIK surgery. The Orange County Eye, Cataract, and PRK and LASIK Center has contracted with many insurance plans to offer you a substantial discount if you are a member of some insurance plans.

Flexible Spending Account and Health Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health spending accounts (HSA) are smart ways to pay for your PRK and LASIK surgery. Your employer may contribute to your flexible spending account or you may have your pretaxed dollars withdrawn to fund your account. With a flexible spending account, your PRK and LASIK is a pre tax PRK and LASIK deduction. It is like getting an instant savings on your PRK and LASIK surgery. Also, if you do not use your flexible spending account dollars before your PRK and LASIK surgeyr, you will lose them!

  • Flexible spending accounts allow you to use pre tax dollars for PRK and LASIK.
  • Use it or lose it - many flexible spending accounts expire if not used.
  • Our PRK and LASIK counselors at the Orange County PRK and LASIK Center are fully trained to help you in using your flexible spending accounts before they expire.
  • Employees may save from 10 to 45 percent on their PRK and LASIK procedure.

PRK Step 5:  The Most Important Step - Schedule a Free Consultation

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