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Orange County and Irvine PRK Eye Surgery Guide

We hope this Orange County PRK Eye Surgery Website will provide helpful information for Orange County patients interested in  PRK

PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy was the first procedure in which a laser was used to reshape and sculpture your cornea. PRK was used prior to the invention of LASIK and is still a great alternative to LASIK. In addition, PRK is an effective treatment for some patients who are not candidates for LASIK eye surgery.  Some people who have thinner corneas, excessive dry eye, or occupational demands may consider custom PRK at the Orange County LASIK Institute as an alternative to LASIK eye surgery. PRK has some advantages and disadvantages over LASIK. Dr. Pham will extensively go over PRK and its benefits at your laser vision correction consultation at the Orange County and Irvine LASIK Institute.

Please contact us anytime to schedule a free LASIK or PRK consultation with our Orange County LASIK and PRK eye surgeon. Dr. Pham and his team look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.

Please visit the following pages for detailed information about your Orange County PRK procedure. The process to having clear vision after PRK surgery can be relatively simple and easy.

PRK Step 1: Basic PRK Guide, Are You A Candidate For PRK? 

Please visit this page to learn about some of the criteria we use at the Orange County Eye Care and LASIK Center to see if you are a LASIK candidate.

PRK Step 2: Learn About the Advantages and Disadvantages of PRK at the Orange County LASIK Institute

The Orange County Eye and LASIK Center is proud to offer custom wavefront PRK, the most advanced PRK in the world. Custom PRK uses wavefront technology to do a completely unique treatment of your eye and to treat your higher order aberrations. This technology is the same PRK technology that is used to treat pilots and astronauts.

PRK Step 3: PRK Step By Step, Before, During, and After Your PRK Surgery at the Orange County LASIK Institute.

This page in our Orange County PRK website will guide you through your initial free PRK consultation, your preoperative testing, your PRK eye surgery day, and your postoperative care at our Irvine office.

PRK Step 4: PRK Affordability

At the Orange County PRK Institute, we will never compromise on safety or technology.  At our Orange County Eye Care and LASIK Center, we want to make the procedure affordable for you through different financing options. We will also discuss using flexible spending accounts for your PRK or LASIK as well as other options for our Orange County patients.

PRK Step 5: The Most Important Step - Schedule a Free PRK Consultation at the Orange County LASIK Institute

No website can offer all the detailed information necessary to make an informed decision about laser vision correction in the Orange County area. The best way to get information for your PRK procedure is with a consultation with your PRK surgeon.  The next step is to schedule a free consultation. Please click here to schedule your free PRK or LASIK consultation with Dr. Pham and the Orange County Eye, PRK, and LASIK Center.

Please Call Us at 949-450-2020 to schedule your Free LASIK or PRK Eye Surgery Consultation

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