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We believe that the highest compliment our patients can give is the referral of their friends and family. Below are testimonials from Dr. Pham's LASIK surgery patients. Individual results can vary, and it is important to get a free LASIK surgery screening to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

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I HAD WORN GLASSES SINCE THE 4TH GRADE. AFTER HAVING LASIK MY ONLY REGRET WAS THAT I HADN'T DONE IT SOONER! You can't imagine how it feels to wake up and not to have to search for my glasses to read the clock. I enjoy swimming and water skiing. Camping is twice as fun. I'm looking forward to not having to make sure I have all the care products needed for contact wearers. WHEN YOU CONSIDER WHAT IT COSTS A YEAR ON CONTACTS, EYEGLASSES, EXAMS, AND SOLUTIONS, IT REALLY DOESN'T TAKE LONG TO REALIZE THE SURGERY PAYS FOR ITSELF. DR. PHAM AND HIS STAFF TREATED ME LIKE FAMILY. I work in a school as a teacher and picked up a pink eye. Dr. Pham even came in on a Sunday to make sure everything was well. Everything went great and I can honestly say LASIK HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE.

Diane F.

Dr. Pham and his staff were truly professional and took good care of me for my LASIK surgery. I HAD VISITED 3 OTHER LASIK PLACES AND WHAT STOOD OUT WAS DR.PHAM'S PERSONAL TOUCH AND THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL. He personally conducted all the tests and was patient during all my questions. Shiggy and the staff were very accommodating with the schedule.


Now the day after the surgery, I have 20/15 vision and would like to thank Dr. Pham for this amazing experience. I would highly recommend anyone considering LASIK to visit Dr. Pham's LASIK practice.

Ajit V.

There are not words to describe the sense of wonder that I have 24 hours after LASIK surgery. I have spent the past 30 years hiding behind glasses and today a new world - clearer and brighter than I could have imagined! THE CARE GIVEN BY DR. PHAM AND HIS LASIK TEAM ARE EXTRAORDINARY. I cannot believe the confidence that they inspired in me for this procedure. Perhaps more surprising was the ease of the LASIK surgery – the creation of the flap was complete before I realized it started. WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS A TRUE GIFT THAT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN. I can recommend Dr. Pham and the San Diego LASIK Institute without hesitation. I don’t think that this type of service can be given by every LASIK company – it can’t. It takes a unique dedication and caring personality to achieve these kinds of results! I am 20/15 in both eyes. Thank you Dr. Pham and his team.

Alison W.

My surgery was almost completely pain-less. IF I WERE TO DESCRIBE HOW I SEE NOW SINCE I'VE HAD THE LASIK IS THAT EVERYTHING I SEE IS IN HD (HIGH DEFINITION). TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE SMALLEST DETAIL IN THE LEAVES OF A TREE FAR FAR AWAY IS AMAZING. MY NIGHT VISION IS INCREDIBLE. What I really appreciated about Dr. Pham is his attention to detail and sensitivity during the surgery. I felt comfortable that he took his time to do everything right and did not make me feel that he rushed through any of the procedures. There was small discomfort afterwards but it was worth the results.

Tomoko N.

DR. PHAM HAS CHANGED MY EYESIGHT FROM 20/400 TO NEARLY 20/10! INCREDIBLE! I am absolutely delighted with my results! I couldn't even see this well with my contacts and glasses! DR. PHAM AND THE STAFF HE WORKS WITH WERE PLEASANT, KIND, AND TREATED ME LIKE FAMILY AT ALL TIMES. I just wish I would have had my procedure done sooner! I don't know why I waited so long in the first place. Thank you Dr Pham for changing my life.

Robert B.

I GOT THIS AS A PRESENT TO MYSELF AND IT HAS BEEN THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT OF MY LIFE! After the LASIK procedure I can see equal to my contacts for distance and I can read and view my blackberry normally. The care that Dr. Pham exercised is to TEST, TEST, AND TEST . They carefully cross checked everything which shows the marks of a true professional. The entire staff at the office was helpful and considerate. Dr. Pham even called the night of the surgery while I was sleeping to check on me.

Edward R.

I WAS IMPRESSED BY HOW GENTILE DR. PHAM WAS WITH MY EYES DURING THE LASIK SURGERY. I REALLY FELT IN GOOD, WISE AND COMPETENT HANDS. The human relation we had since the first visit made me trust him. He gave me detailed instructions and I followed them in order to obtain the best result for my eyes. With him being a great doctor and I being a good patient I now see perfectly.

Antonio C.

I’m an IT2 in the Navy and I read a lot of screens daily so I need good eyes. I was going to let the Navy do it, but the lines are ridiculously long and I am not too fond of the Navy doctors touching my eyes. So my friend told me he had been doing some research and as soon as he met the doctor and staff he knew he was in the right place. So I called and did it. THE DAY AFTER SURGERY AND NOW I HAVE 20/15 VISION. EVERYTHING WENT EXTREMELY WELL AND I’M 100% SATISFIED. Thanks Dr. Pham!!!

Le'Kendrick L.

I HAD THE NEED TO WEAR READING GLASSES MAKING MY LIFE INCONVENIENT AFTER I TURNED 40. I HAD PREVIOUSLY WORN GLASSES FOR MOSTLY DISTANCE FOR 26 YEARS. My prescription was getting worse each year. The thought of having monovision was very exciting. Dr. Pham has excellent bedside manners and made me feel comfortable during the procedure. THE DAY AFTER I COULD SEE BETTER THAN 20/20 FOR DISTANCE! AND I WAS ABLE TO READ FOR NEAR!

Patricia S.

Dr. Pham was extremely accommodating with all of my questions both before and after the surgery. I FELT LIKE HE WENT THE EXTRA MILE and game me the personal care that I needed for such a procedure. The day of the surgery I was very nervous and Dr. Pham did an exceptional job of keeping me calm, focused, and informed of each and every move he was making during the procedure which helped tremendously.

Heather A.

I HAD TO GET LASIK IN ORDER TO PASS A MEDICAL EXAM FOR THE BORDER PATROL. I called the office and the staff was very helpful and kind. I had the LASIK surgery within the week. Everything was very professional. I NOW SEE 20/15. I would highly recommend Dr. Pham to anyone who needs LASIK. ONE FINAL THOUGHT, THESE GUYS REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS. Dr. Pham even called me the day of the LASIK surgery afterwards to make sure I was doing well.

Moon K.

Dr. Pham believes in the best LASIK technology to correction your vision. He is very straightforward with you. HE DOES NOT USE UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS TO TALK YOU INTO AN ELECTIVE PROCEDURE. HE IS VERY METICULOUS when it comes to preparation, execution, and follow up of the surgical procedure I would recommend Dr. Pham and his staff to anyone considering LASIK surgery. I AM A HARD PERSON TO IMPRESS AND DR. PHAM HAS DONE JUST THAT! Thank you Dr. Pham and staff.

Hung N.

The surgery went so smooth and the result, I'm loving it. It went well from the first day I came to the office to now. I LIKE THAT DR. PHAM SEES THE PATIENT FROM THE FIRST DAY (CONSULTATION). The personnel in the office were really professional. THEY DID NOT BOTHER ME WITH IT WHEN MY FINANCIAL SITUATION DID NOT PERMIT IT. I decided to do it once I was able to afford it. Dr. Pham is very professional. He cares for his patients and is a very nice man. It was a pleasure to have my LASIK with him.

Laura F.

After contemplating LASIK surgery for 10 years, I finally decided I am worth it. I couldn't be mroe pleased with Dr. Pham and his associates - they are very professional. I was legally blind as stated by DMV before teh surgery and now I'm 20/20 and couldn't be happier. I had a touch of dryness at first that worried me but everything turned out great. Take it from me, if you do anything for yourself have the LASIK surgery and see yourself smile! =)

Constance H.

I was referred to Dr. Tony Pham by my daughter after her successful LASIK eye surgery by Dr. Pham. Overall, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Pham's expertise, professionalism, personal style, communications skills and his caring nature for his patients. The office and organization of my office visits and detailed paperwork was excellent, thanks to the hands-on effort of Shiggy Yamada. I live in Long Beach, so all my office visits and surgery were arranged to meet the logistics of traveling 100 miles each way. Dr. Pham outlined in detail several times exactly what to expect and experience throughout the surgery and afterwards, and it was as he described. I "Highly Recommend" Dr.Tony Pham to anyone thinking about LASIK Surgery!!!

Michael T.

I had 20/40 vision prior to LASIK, but I have been dealing with glasses and contacts for 18 years. I AM 30 YEARS YOUNG--TOO YOUNG TO CONTINUE DEALING WITH TIME CONSUMING CONTACTS OR WASTING YEARS OF MONEY ON EYE GLASSES. I went through LASIK Saturday and I am happily back to work today (Monday). HAVING CHILDREN, I RARELY SPEND MONEY ON MYSELF. I TOOK THE PLUNGE AND DECIDED TO DO IT--LASIK IS THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT! Sure, my vision problem was minimal, but too minimal to continue spending money on eye wear to see road signs, movies, enjoy watching my children play sports/participate in school plays, go site seeing, etc.! I now have 20/15 vision. LASIK was so simple! Best money I ever spent! Dr. Pham and his staff are very professional! The environment is clean and friendly! No one makes you feel pressured! Dr. Pham gives the facts and allows you to make the decision--again, NO PRESSURE! Expect to be treated like family. If you are a candidate for LASIK, I would highly recommend this procedure!!! Thank you Dr. Pham, and staff!

Angela B.

My vision before laser correction surgery was terrible. I think I was considered "legally blind" without glasses or contacts. I was quite apprehensive about any eye correction surgery but Dr. Pham and his staff made me as comfortable as possible and equipped me with the necessary knowledge of the procedure. Since I was one of the few patients that needed PRK rather than LASIK, Dr. Pham was honest and upfront of the uncomfortable recovery, but at the same time completely reassured me that he would help make the process as easy as possible. And sure enough, he came through on his word beyond my expectations. HE EVEN SQUEEZED ME IN BETWEEN PATIENTS FOR NECESSARY VISITS AND CAME IN ON A HOLIDAY JUST FOR MY TWO DAY CHECK UP! THAT IS COMMITMENT NOT ONLY TO SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, BUT TO THE WELL BEING AND SUCCESS OF YOUR PATIENTS. I recommend Dr. Pham to anyone interested in a safe and precise procedure accompanied by a professional and personable staff.

Rose D.

I am Superwoman! I now have magic power of vision without contacts and glasses! I did a lot or research into LASIK and am glad I picked Dr. Pham.. I am looking forward to my new life of fewer hassles, less to pack during travels, no more buying solution and cases, and no more worries of my toddler breaking my glasses! Thank you Dr. Pham! I am free. I feel great! Thank you, thank you. I would highly recommend them for your LASIK surgery.

Amanda S.

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