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Stye and Chalazion

Orange County Stye and Chalazion Treatment

Please note, we currently specialize in LASIK and PRK surgery only. We no longer provide these services but will leave this information on the website for educational purposes.   

Nobody likes to get a stye. At the Orange County Eye and LASIK Institute, we can help treat the stye and eliminate it. A stye is a local inflammation on your eyelid. Often it is caused by a blocked oil gland or tear gland. This causes a local inflammatory reaction and a firm nodule to form. The medical term for a stye is either a chalazion or hordeolum. If the stye is treated early in its course, Dr. Pham may be able to help it to disappear without doing a procedure. If the stye does not respond to antibiotics and medical treatment, Dr. Pham may need to do a small procedure to evacuate the contents of the cyst. Dr. Pham does the procedure internally so there is often no scar.

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