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Pterygium Surgery

Orange County Pterygium Surgery

Please note, we currently specialize in LASIK and PRK surgery only. We no longer provide these services but will leave this information on the website for educational purposes.   

1. What is a pterygium?

The meaning of the word pterygium in Greek means "little wing" because it looks like a small wing on your eye. Often, it can become red and irritated. A pterygium is a fibrovascular ingrowth that can grow from the conjunctiva of your eye onto your cornea. A pterygium is caused by fibrovascular tissue that grows onto your cornea. It can destroy certain layers of your cornea and grow centrally. At the Orange County LASIK Institute, Dr. Pham uses the most advanced methods of removing your pterygium.

2. What are the symptoms associated with a pterygium?

When you are examined by Dr. Pham at the Orange County Eye and LASIK Institute, he will ask you if the pterygium irritates your eye, causes a foreign sensation, or decreases your vision. Some patients have contact lens intolerance due to the elevation caused by the pterygium. Some Irvine patients may notice a growth or bump. Your pterygium may grow and comparisons to previous photographs may help us determine the rate of growth of your pterygium. Many patients with pterygia in Orange County may also have no symptoms.

3. Can other things look like pterygiums?

Yes. It is very important to be seen by a Orange County Eye Surgeon to determine if the growth of your eye is truly a pterygium or another more concerning eye condition. The differential diagnosis for pterygia include cysts, squamous cell carcinomas, conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia, phlyctenules, and episcleritis.

4. What are the treatment options for pterygiums at the Orange County LASIK Institute?

Initially, conservative treatment is warranted. If your pterygium causes irritation and redness, you may be initially treated with artificial tears or a mild nonsteriodal anti-inflamatory eye drop. However, if you are symptomatic with red and irritated eyes, surgery is the definitive treatment. In addition, if you have failed previous medical treatment you may be ready for surgery. A pterygium can also cause astigmatism and decrease your vision. It may also grow into your visual axis and decrease your vision. If you have either of these symptoms, you may be a candidate for pterygium surgery in Orange County.

5. What are the surgical treatment options for pterygium surgery at the Orange County LASIK Institute?

The mainstay of surgical treatment is to reduce your rate of complications and regrowth of the pterygium. Dr. Pham specializes in a no stitch and no needle method of pterygium surgery. In the past, the main complication of pterygium surgery is recurrence or regrowth. Dr. Pham uses the most advanced method of pterygium surgery to greatly decrease your chance of recurrence. He uses a graft as well as Tisseel glue to decrease the rate of recurrence, speed recovery, and minimize any mild discomfort.

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