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Orange County LASIK Eye Surgery • Laser Eye Surgery

"At the Orange County LASIK Institute, your vision is our passion. We understand that having LASIK surgery is a life-changing event. We promise to provide you the best advances in LASIK eye surgery and the best customer service. We pride ourselves in treating our patients like family and providing the most outstanding results in LASIK surgery. We care for every patient as we would a member of our own family. We hope to make the process informative, exciting, and fun. Thank you for visiting our LASIK website and welcome to our practice. We look forward to meeting you soon." 

 Tony H. Pham, M.D.
Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology

First Class Service • World Class Results

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 Why Choose Us?

1. We Treat You Like Family - Once a Patient, Always a Friend.

At the Orange County LASIK Surgery Institute, we treat our patients like family. This is the fundamental principle of our LASIK practice, and it guides us in all that we do. Each time a patient joins our LASIK patient family, we imagine that this person is a loved mother, father, brother, sister, relative, or close friend. We use this principle to select which LASIK eye surgery technology to use. After all, you would only want the best LASIK technology and the best LASIK results for your family and friends!

We treat all of our LASIK and eye care patients with compassion, consideration, and respect. We understand that the thought of having LASIK surgery may make some people concerned or nervous. We will do everything in our power to make the LASIK and laser eye surgery process as educational and comfortable as possible. Dr. Pham and the staff at the Orange County LASIK Institute want your visit and experience to be among the best you have ever had.

2. Our Results - We Strive For the Best LASIK Results

our iDesign Advanced Custom iLASIK Surgery Suite

OC's State of the Art iDesign Advanced Custom iLASIK Surgery Suite

Dr. Pham and the Orange County LASIK Institute have the highest standards for the care of your eyes. We will never compromise or take any shortcuts for your Orange County and Irvine LASIK and laser eye surgery. LASIK and laser eye surgery is constantly advancing, and we are on the cutting edge of LASIK technology. While some Orange County LASIK Eye centers still use a mechanical keratome or noncustom laser eye technology, we provide our patients with custom and all-laser LASIK eye surgery technology. We measure our success by how well our patients see and not what our profit margins are. We have recently invested in orange county's newest generation and upgraded iLASIK system the iDesign Advanced Custom Wavefront System which helps to give us more treatment options for your prescription.

At the Orange County LASIK Eye Institute, we monitor our results. Our mission is to have the best results in Orange County, if not the nation. Our exceptional results are a direct product of the fact that we invest in using what we believe is the best technology. If you would like to learn more about our Orange County LASIK results, we will be happy to provide them to you. We constantly monitor all of our LASIK eye surgery results for our Orange County, Los Angeles, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Newport LASIK patients. We also use iLASIK, the most advanced LASIK used on NASA astronauts and pilots.

3. We use what we believe is the Best LASIK Surgery Technology so that You Have the Best LASIK Results

The Orange County LASIK Institute is the first practice in Orange County to Upgrade to iDesign 2.0! Please check out this video describing this exciting new technology.


iDesign 2.0 is Here - We were one of the first in the USA and first in Orange County to upgrade

The Orange County Institute is proud to be selected to have one of the first upgraded iDesign 2.0 systems. It is the first system to have topographically custom wavefront-guided treatments.

iDesign 2.0 Upgrade

• The first system to incorporate both topographic data and custom wavefront-guided technology
• Allows more treatment ranges for mini-monovision or mono-vision for patients in their forties and beyond
• Improves upon wavefront capture technology to control for accommodation
• Full gradiant and not placido based technology is used to treat more of your eye's individual custom characteristics

In our opinion, better technology leads to better results! 

Orange County's iDesign Advanced Custom LASIK!

 LASIK treatment plan

What does Orange County's Newest iLASIK upgrade iDesign offer?

our new iDesign iLasik device

High-Resolution Censor
• 5X the resolution of tradition Wavescan Custom LASIK 
• Over 1200 custom wavefront capture points versus 240 for non iDesign custom LASIK

Improved Patient Ease
• Measures wavefront refraction (prescription), topography (corneal maps), wavefront aberrometry (higher order aberrations), pupil size, and keratometry (corneal steepness) in one device
• Capture is approximately 3 seconds

Broader Treatment Range
• FDA Approved for 18 years and older
• Allows larger myopic and astigmatic treatments
• Can capture images in smaller pupils

Excellent Quality of Vision
• Majority of the patient’s in clinical study achieve 20/20 or better vision
• 99% Reported no or little difficulty in clarity of vision
• 99% Reported no interference with sports or outdoor activities
• REFERENCE: 1. Data on file: Myopia US IDE Study 110-IDMY

Results are often limited by the LASIK technology that is available. At the Orange County Eye and LASIK Institute, we strive to provide you the latest and most effective treatments for your eye care needs. We customize and use all types of laser LASIK technology. We believe in using Advanced Custom LASIK with Iris Registration using the VISX Star S4 CustomVue Laser. We also use the safest and most accurate "Bladeless and All-Laser LASIK" method with the Intralase laser for our Orange County and Irvine LASIK patients. The Orange County LASIK Institute uses the same lasers that are used for Navy and Air Force Pilots! We believe that by using the best LASIK technology for your LASIK surgery in Orange County, we will provide you with the best LASIK results.

The Orange County LASIK Institute offers Irvine's first and newest fifth-generation iLASIK surgery. Most other centers may be using older or fourth-generation technology. With the newest and what we feel are the best-upgraded lasers, we are able to provide even safer and more advanced LASIK eye surgery to our valued patient family.

4. First Class  Service - We are here to serve! Welcome to our Irvine LASIK Office!

Every member of our staff is committed to your comfort and care. We will do everything we can to accommodate you and your needs. We realize that the thought of having LASIK eye surgery can be frightening for many people. Our Orange County LASIK Institute staff is here to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible. We are always available to address every concern and answer every question.

5. We are not an Orange County LASIK eye factory, every surgery should be a work of art

Dr. Tony Pham is a skilled and experienced Orange County and Los Angeles LASIK Eye Surgeon. Dr. Pham believes that every surgery is the most important surgery of the day. The Orange County LASIK Institute believes that every surgery should be as perfect as possible and a work of art. We often see advertising for Orange County LASIK practices that boast the "hundreds of thousands" of LASIK eye surgeries that their practice has performed. For us, we are more proud of the individual attention and detail that we give our LASIK patients and our results.

With the Orange County LASIK Institute, every patient is treated with kindness. We realize that the operation may scare you. We promise to do everything in our power to put you at ease and make your LASIK surgery as comfortable as possible. We are not an Orange County and Irvine LASIK eye factory. Our philosophy is the opposite; we will never rush your LASIK consultation or surgery at the Orange County LASIK Institute. Just because McDonald's makes the most hamburgers does not mean it makes the best hamburgers!

6. Intralase LASIK Method - All Laser and No Razor, Bladeless LASIK

our Intralase LASIK devices and roomSafety is our main priority for your Orange County LASIK eye surgery. The all-laser LASIK method with the 5th generation Intralase (iFS) laser has greatly improved the safety of the flap creation for your LASIK Surgery at the Orange County LASIK Institute. Instead of using a razor blade (microkeratome), the Intralase uses a laser to safely create the LASIK flap. In addition, being able to use a laser to make the flap allows your LASIK surgeon to create a thinner flap. The flaps made with the Intralase heal faster, are stronger and have less dryness than LASIK flaps made with the microkeratome.

7. LASIK Good Enough For Pilots - Advanced Custom Treatments with Iris Registration

Every eye has a unique wavefront map or "fingerprint." When Dr. Pham at the Orange County LASIK Surgery Institute does your LASIK, he uses wavefront mapping to eliminate all of your eye's unique aberrations and irregularities. Your eye's individual "fingerprint" is mapped out using wavefront technology. Moreover, Dr. Pham uses iris registration in order to provide advanced custom treatments for his laser eye surgery patients. Iris registration compensates for any rotation that your eyes may make during your LASIK surgery. This process registers the iris and makes sure that the treatment is completely aligned.

Dr. Tony Pham of the Orange County LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Institute is a certified iLASIK surgeon. iLASIK is the highest level of LASIK surgery and laser vision correction. It combines both all laser Intralase LASIK and custom LASIK with iris registration. The Orange County LASIK Surgery Institute is proud to offer you iLASIK surgery.

8. Consultations are available five days a week

The Orange County LASIK Institute is proud to offer LASIK consultations for your pre and postoperative LASIK care five days a week.

9. We Check Many of Your LASIK Tests Three Times Before Your LASIK Surgery - Check Three Times, Operate Once!

Our goal is to deliver the best LASIK and laser eye surgery results the first time. By personally checking your eyes and checking your refraction three times prior to your LASIK eye surgery at the Orange County LASIK Institute, we hope to decrease your chance of needing an enhancement surgery to less than 1%. The national enhancement rate for LASIK surgeons is as high as 10%. At the Orange County LASIK Institute, we have some of the lowest enhancement rates in the nation.

10. Affordability - Reasonable Rates For the Best LASIK Technology and 0% LASIK Financing

LASIK should not only be for the rich and famous. LASIK eye surgery has helped millions of people. At the Orange County LASIK Institute, it is our goal to make LASIK eye surgery a possibility for you.  Our LASIK counselors will help you with our financing programs. These programs make the cost of LASIK surgery reasonable without compromising the quality of care. We offer different 0% financing options. We have approved over 95% of our patients. We are familiar with our competitor's rates and we believe that we offer the best rates for the best LASIK technology.

11. We Specialize in Custom LASIK and PRK

It is important for a LASIK or laser vision correction practice to offer you the best options to treat your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. We focus all of our energy on bringing you the highest level of care in laser vision correction. By specializing in only custom LASIK and PRK eye surgeries, we are able to devote all our resources to obtaining the newest advancements in iLASIK and PRK technology.  At the Orange County LASIK Institute, we pride ourselves in being able to identify which treatment best suits your needs and being able to offer it to you.

The Orange County LASIK Institute offers iDesign LASIK, custom PRK, advanced surface ablation, bladeless LASIK, and Custom iLASIK. These are just some of the technologies in which our Orange County laser eye surgeon has expertise in. Dr. Tony Pham would be happy to discuss which treatment options are best for you. 

12. We Value Your Time - We Do Not Believe In Waiting Rooms, We Believe In Receptions
our waiting room and beverage station

Your time is valuable and precious. Nobody wants to spend their whole day at their LASIK eye surgeon's office. The Orange County LASIK Surgery Institute will do everything to accommodate you and your schedule. However, if you ever have to wait more than 30 minutes due to an emergency patient, we promise to make it up to you!

13. Our Central Irvine and Orange County Location

The Orange County LASIK Institute is conveniently located in the heart of Irvine less than one mile from the Irvine Spectrum. We are near the 405, 5, 55, 241, and 133 freeways. Whether you are coming from East, West, North, or South Orange County we should be a short drive for you. We also offer convenient and flexible LASIK consultation office hours to help you avoid traffic times. The Orange County LASIK Institute is close to the Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, and greater Orange County areas.

We are also a convenient drive for our Los Angeles LASIK patients. Please let us know if you are coming from Los Angeles for your LASIK and laser eye surgery so that we can find a convenient time available for you that will minimize your travel time and to help you avoid Los Angeles traffic.

14. Included LASIK Eye Surgery Treatments - Free Enhancements and Punctal Plugs

There are no hidden fees at the Orange County LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Institute. We want your LASIK surgery in Orange County and Irvine to be a stress-free and comfortable experience. Your initial fee includes most of your care related to your LASIK surgery for 1 year and longer. This includes punctal plugs and enhancements. The most common side effect after LASIK surgery at the Orange County LASIK Institute is dryness. Most people heal by their third to six month after their LASIK surgery. Some practices can charge as much as $250 dollars for each punctal plug. Since you may need up to 4 punctal plugs, this can cost as much as $1000. At the Orange County LASIK Surgery Institute, there are no additional fees for punctal plugs or dry eye treatments unless we cannot provide these services directly.

15. Our Orange County Eye Care Team - A Passion for Vision

The people who work at the Orange County LASIK Institute are committed to improving people's vision. We receive amazing reviews from our patients about our staff members. We develop relationships with our community and our patients. Our patients frequently know all of our team members' names. Each member of our team is here to assist you in the care of your eyes. 

16. Our Caring Orange County LASIK Surgeon - Dr. Tony Pham

Dr. Pham and the staff at the Orange County LASIK Institute will never rush your LASIK consultation or examination. We recognize that LASIK surgery may be a very scary process for you and that you may be very sensitive about your eyes. We only have one speed at our office - your speed! We will take the time to answer your LASIK surgery questions and address your concerns. We want your LASIK surgery in Orange County to be as comfortable as possible. We recognize the honor we have in improving your vision and appreciate the opportunity our patients have given us. 

17. Dr. Pham Is A Perfectionist and Skilled LASIK  Eye Surgeon

Dr. Tony Pham is the type of LASIK and laser eye surgeon that believes in checking three times and performing surgery once. Dr. Pham will triple-check your LASIK tests and measurements personally. He strives to achieve your personal best vision. He devotes his life to improving others' quality of life by improving their vision. Please call or e-mail us now to schedule your free Orange County LASIK consultation.

18. We Are Selective in Our Screening - We turn patients down

Dr. Pham looking into a microscope

We believe that one of the most important variables to success in LASIK is accurate screening to see if you are a LASIK candidate.  Dr. Pham is the medical director of the Orange County LASIK Institute and feels that the best surgeries are the ones that he has turned down. We believe that practicing ethically is the most important thing in running a successful practice. There are many people who should not have LASIK and LASIK is an operation with risks. Some of the important things that we screen you for include keratoconus (corneal disease), pellucid marginal degeneration (corneal disease), dry eyes, glaucoma, cataract, realistic expectations, presbyopia, corneal scars, and other ophthalmic conditions.

19. We Have Done LASIK Surgery on our Team members  

Our center director Dr. Arlene Huynh and five of our team members have had LASIK surgery with Dr. Pham. They are all currently seeing 20/20 without glasses. Please feel free to ask our office member's about their experience, recovery, and results. Dr. Pham has treated friends, family, and our team members. We believe in our technology and results. We treat all patients like friends and family.

Important Considerations:

Our Orange County LASIK practice believes in giving you as much information as possible. LASIK is an elective surgery and it is extremely important that you know about possible side effects. The possible side effects and risks include dry eyes, glare/halo, loss of vision, flap complications, infection, and inflammation. It is impossible for any website to give you all your unique risks and benefits so it is important to get a free LASIK consultation. Although technology has revolutionized all-laser LASIK, it is important for you to discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives of laser vision correction with your Orange County LASIK doctor.

Some People Should Not Have LASIK

Every patient has unique eyes, and not everyone in Orange County, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Los Angeles is a candidate for LASIK surgery. It is important to have an evaluation with your Orange County LASIK and Irvine Institute LASIK surgeon to see if you are a candidate. Healthy eyes without ocular disease, realistic expectations, and informed decisions are essential for a successful LASIK operation in Orange County. Complications are rare, but it is important for you to discuss your risks of infection, inflammation, loss of vision, keratoconus, glare, or dryness with your LASIK Surgeon. It is critical for you to choose the best Orange County LASIK surgeon for your LASIK procedure to decrease your chances of having any complications or problems with your LASIK surgery procedure.

If you live in Orange County, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, or Mission Viejo and would like to get LASIK eye surgery information, please contact us. 949-450-2020

Patients Who Are Over 55 

Free Irvine and Orange County LASIK eye surgery consultations do not apply to people who have had LASIK, PRK, RK, or other eye surgeries done with another LASIK center or LASIK surgeon. In addition, free consultations do not apply to patients above the age of 55 because these patients may benefit from advanced lens surgery covered by insurance. Please call us for more details.

The Orange County LASIK Institute a leading institute for LASIK, PRK, and laser eye surgery in Orange County. We strive to offer the best LASIK care in Orange County. We specialize in LASIK surgery and PRK surgery. Dr. Tony Pham is a surgeon and eye physician certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Our Orange County practice uses, in our opinion, the best technology in LASIK eye surgery. We offer bladeless and custom (wavefront) LASIK surgery. We also offer advanced laser vision surgery options including wavefront LASIK, iDesign 2.0, and all laser LASIK surgery.

The Orange County LASIK and PRK Institute focuses on laser vision correction.


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