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Advanced Intraocular Cataract Lens Technology

Advanced Intraocular Cataract Lens Technology

Please note, we currently specialize in LASIK and PRK surgery only. We no longer provide these services but will leave this information on the website for educational purposes.   


Monofocal Lens

The Monofocal IOL is the standard or non-premium option for cataract surgery lens implants. It has a single focal point. Patients with the monofocal or standard lens will most likely need glasses for near and possibly distance vision as well. This is a good lens option for people who have other eye diseases including macular degeneration and glaucoma.



Multifocal Lens - Restor and Rezoom

Stimulated Vision with Monofocal LensStimulated Vision with Multifocal Lens



Picture A: Stimulated Vision with Monofocal Lens    |    Picture B: Stimulated Vision with Multifocal Lens

The Restor and Rezoom lenses are multifocal lenses. These lenses have multiple focal points to spread light in an array. This allows you to have near, intermediate, and distance vision all in the same eye. The main advantage of these lenses is that you will be less likely to need glasses after your Orange County LASIK Institute.

Toric Lens - Astigmatism Correcting Intraocular Lens

Dr. Pham, your Orange County and Irvine cataract surgeon, feels that the results with the Toric lens produce some of the happiest patients. The toric lens corrects for astigmatism. Many patients who have the toric lens implant feel that they have the best vision of their lives.

The lens works by compensating for your corneal astigmatism. The lens has an axis marker and an astigmatism correcting strength. At the time of your cataract surgery in Irvine, Dr. Pham aligns the lens with the axis of your astigmatism to treat both your cataracts and astigmatism in a single cataract operation!

Your Vision with both Cataracts and AstigmatismYour Vision After Cataract Surgery with a standard monofocal lens


Figure A: Your Vision with both Cataracts and Astigmatism    |    Figure B: Your Vision After Cataract Surgery with a standard monofocal lens


Every eye is unique and not every eye is a candidate for a premium intraocular lens. It is important to discuss with Dr. Pham the risks, benefits, and alternatives of cataract surgery and intraocular lens selection.

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