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iLASIK - Fifth Generation iLASIK Technology
The Pinnacle of LASIK Technology

our new LASIK laser machines


The Orange County LASIK Institute is proud to offer orange County's Newest and most advanced iLASIK technology. We are the only Orange County and Irvine area practice to harness have the new iFS Intralase bladeless system and the Advanced CustomVue treatment. At the Orange County LASIK Institute, we have decided to invest in this technology to ensure that our patient's will always get the safest and most accurate LASIK procedure available today. LASIK involves two steps. First the creation of the corneal flap with a laser and then the use of a second laser to treat your prescription.

Not all lasers are created equal and having the best LASIK technology is pivotal to achieving the best vision and outcomes. The Orange County LASIK Institute is proud to offer Orange County's newest and most advanced fifth generation iLASIK technology.  The Intralase laser has long been the industry leader for all laser LASIK. The iFS is the newest upgrade of the the Intralase laser. Just as major software and cars can upgrade, so do the LASIK lasers. The advances of the iFS LASIK laser include increased speed and safety. Dr. Pham can make a flap in as little as ten seconds with this new and advanced technology. In addition, after the corneal flap is made we use the Advanced Custom Wavefront technology of the Visx Star S4 laser At the Orange County LASIK Institute, we are committed to providing the newest technology for our patients at our Irvine office. Fifth Generation iLASIK Is the pinnacle of LASIK today.

The First LASER in iLASIK :

The iFS Fifth Generation Intralase Laser
Better Technology for Better Vision

our fifth generation iLASIK devices


The first step of LASIK has been made safer by all laser technology. In the past, a microkeratome or mechanical razor blade was used to create a laser flap. The all laser system and Intralase was first introduced and FDA approved in the United States in 2001. It has been upgraded five times. We are the only laser eye center practice in Irvine and Orange County with the newest upgrade.



The Advantages of the iFS Intralase over the fourth generation Intralase and other LASIK laser flap systems include:

  • Increased Flap Customization 
  • Increased Side Bevel Cut - Leading to stronger flaps
  • Increased Speed (250% faster) than the fourth generation Intralase. This increased speed reduces the risk of flap complications compared to the previous all laser systems. 
  • Elliptical Flap Option
  • Faster Corneal Regeneration and Healing
  • Decreased dryness over the fourth generation Intralase
  • Advanced Corneal Capabilities

Inverted Bevel-In Side Cut - Stronger FLAPS

cutting at 150 degrees makes strong flaps

  • The inverted Bevel-In Side cut is customizable up to 150 degrees. This promotes flap strength, replacement, and adhesion. It provides optimal biomechanical stability in the post-LASIK cornea.
  • Only Available in the iFS laser. It is not available for the Ziemer laser or the first four Intralase models
  • Stronger LASIK flaps
  • 3x more flap stability vs. a microkeratome during a flap lift
  • Decreased flap gutter
  • Nerves are closer so there is less loss of corneal sensitivity

Stronger FLAPS

Intralase iFS 140 degree side cuts rate as strongest force

  • The Fifth Generation iLASIK Flaps are almost 4x stronger than microkeratome flaps.
  • The Fifth Generation iLASIK Flaps are stronger than previous iLASIK flaps as well 

Increased Speed

  • 250% Faster than fourth generation technology. The iFS
  • Faster flaps for greater patient comfort
  • Less risks of suction breaks or patient movement
  • Less energy used due to increased speed.
  • Flaps created in approximately 10 seconds.  

Faster Patient Recovery

  • Compared to the fourth generation Intralase and other LASIK technology, patients have a faster recovery.
  • Patients also have less light sensitivity
  • Since the flaps are mechanically stronger, patients can resume most normal activities by the next day!

fifth generation Intralase leads to faster visual recovery

The Second LASER in iLASIK: 

The Visx Star S4 Iris Registration Excimer Laser
Bringing Advanced Custom Vision to Life


Visx Star S4 Iris Registration Laser

Truly Customized

Visx Star S4 Iris Registration Laser screenshot of eye from programThe Visx Star S4 IR laser sets the industry standard for customized LASIK surgery. It is a fast and powerful laser and delivers precise levels of accuracy to optimize your treatment outcome

It is a true Custom treatment system that uses the CustomVue Wavefront technology to treat your eye

It Also is the only FDA approved Iris Registration technology used to compensate for rotations of your eye as well as pupil centroid shift.



CustomVue Wavescan LASIK Technology

  • The wavescan uses a device called a Hartman Shack Aberrometer to measure unique imperfections in your eye and visual system. This information is used to make a fully unique and custom treatment of your prescription.
  • Every treatment is completely unique
  • It is true custom, or wavefront guided technology.
  • In wavefront optimized technology, an aberrometer and wavescan device is not used to create a treatment for you. In the Visx wavescan treatment an aberrometer is used to measure higher imprefections called higher order aberrations that are then used to treat your eyes.
  • The Wavescan measurements are 25 times more precise than standard measurements for glasses and contacts
  • The Wavescan takes up to approximately 250 points of measurement to accurately measure and then to treat your prescription.
  • If you compare the treatments below, these are three patients with similar myopia prescriptions of -2.25 diopters of myopia. With a wavefront optimized laser or noncustom treatment, the unique imperfections of the prescriptions will not be treated and all three of the patients below would have received identical treatments. With the VISX LASIK excimer laser they would have completely unique treatments.


showing custom treatments available for three different patients


Iris Registration LASIK Technology

  • screenshot of a custom iris registrationThe eye can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise when we lay down.
  • Most surgeons have compensated for this in other laser systems by manually marking the eye with a pen and using these manual marks to align the laser treatment
  • The Visx laser has the first and only FDA approved automatic system to compensate for eye rotation. The laser uses infrared lights to capture the unique characteristics of the human iris. Using these marks, it adjusts for the rotation of the eye during your Orange County LASIK surgery.


Active Tracking LASIK Technology

  • The Visx technology follows your eyes in an X (side by side), Y (up and down) and Z (in and out of socket) axis. If you move outside the range that the laser can track you it will stop within 5/1000 of a second!

Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) LASIK Technology

  • This technology uses advanced math equations called Fourier algorithms to precisely optimize your treatment
  • The laser beam spot size ranges from 0.65 mm to 6.50 mm. By changing the size of the laser energy, we are able to accurately use the correct energy depending on what type of change we wish to induce on your cornea. This is similar to a carpenter having many tools to create a project as opposed to just one. Laser systems that are not able to change the size of their laser pulses are more limited in the custom LASIK ablation that they can deliver.

Variable Repetition Rate (VRR) Technology

  • The Visx Excimer Laser varies the rate and speed that it delivers it's custom energy. By regulating this, we are able to conserve corneal tissue and minimize thermal effects to the cornea.


Broadest Range of Custom Wavefront FDA approved technology for iLASIK

The STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser System and the WaveScan WaveFront System
are approved by the U.S. FDA for:

CustomVue device is approved for myopia, hyperopia, and mixed astigmatism

The STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser System is approved by the U.S. FDA for:

 Star S4 approved for LASIK, PRK, PTK, and Custom-CAP

Truly Customized

  • The Visx Star S4 IR laser sets the industry standard for customized LASIK surgery. It is a fast and powerful laser adn delivers precise levels of accuracy to optimize your treatment outcome
  • It is a true Custom treatment system that uses the CustomVue Wavefront technology to treat your eye
  • It Also is the only FDA approved Iris Registration technology used to compensate for rotations of your eye as well as pupil centroid shift.


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The Orange County LASIK Institute is proud to offer this new fifth generation iLASIK technology. We are always committed to providing you with the best patient care and LASIK technology. Please schedule a FREE LASIK consultation to learn more about our LASIK technology and practice.


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