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LASIK Done Elsewhere

Enhancing Patients Done At Other Practices - Why we do not recommend it

An enhancement surgery is more complicated and challenging than the primary surgery. Although it is a routine procedure that we offer to all of our patients, we do not do enhancements for surgeries done else where. It is much safer to do your enhancement at your primary surgeon's practice because they know exactly what surgery was done, which method was used to make the flap, how you healed, and how you did. When evaluating other doctors' notes it is sometimes difficult to have 100% accuracy as to what was done.

If your primary surgeon has retired, it may be too risky to do the procedure without knowledge of your primary surgery.

We feel confident in doing enhancements for patients that have had surgery at our practice because we have 100% knowledge of which technology was used and how they did after their primary surgery.

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