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LASIK Over 55

LASIK Over 55

LASIK over 55 - Why there are better options

LASIK is definitely possible over 55. However, we believe that there are better surgical options for patients who are over the age of 55 with fewer risks and side effects. We believe that it is the most ethical and best practice for us to recommend that patients over the age of 55 consider this other option instead of a laser based surgery.

Ophthalmology has been blessed with improved technology for patients over the age of 55. When getting LASIK over 55, there are several cons to the procedure. The most significant con is that due to a process of the lens weakening called presbyopia, patients who get LASIK over 55 cannot see both far and near with one eye. They have to do something called mono-vision where one eye is corrected for distance and one eye is corrected for near. Other cons include an increased risk of dry eye and slower healing.

There are new options in intraocular surgery called multi-focal lenses that will better serve patients over 55. These lenses allow the eye to have both far, intermediate, and near vision. The operation is identical to cataract surgery. However, instead of inserting a monocular lens, surgeons can now offer patients multi-focal lenses. The advantage of lens based surgery in a patient over 55 is that it takes care of the need for cataract surgery AND reduces the need for glasses.

Dr. Pham does not do multi-focal lens surgery but there are many cataract surgeons in Orange County that do.

Here is another website (no affiliation) that has some additional consumer information about multi-focal lenses.

There are many surgeons that you can research independently in Orange County that can help you with this new technology.

No website can discuss all the pros and cons of this procedure. It is best to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery with your eye doctor.

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